Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the lecture:

Prof. Dr. Holger Kersten
Institut for Experimental and Applied Physics,
University Kiel, Germany

”The Universe - a world of plasma”

Plasma as the „fourth state of matter” is the most dominant existence of matter in the

Universe. Plasma exists in all of its modifications – from dense and hot thermal fusion plasmas in the interior of the Sun and stars to strongly non-isothermal rarefied plasma of the interstellar space. Whereas plasma is somewhat exotic on earth, it is the common state in the Universe – and the known states of matter on Earth are only the condensed forms of the cosmic plasmas.

A fascinating journey through the World of Plasma will be made during the presentation :

  • plasma – the fourth state of matter
  • gas discharges in laboratory and their applications
  • natural plasmas on Earth and in the solar system
  • Sun and stars – compact plasma spheres in the space
  • interstellar and intergalactic matter
  • summary

The popular scietific lecture will be completed by some amazing discharge experiments.